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Excited for fun university activities? My City: University is where you should be. Go and meet new student friends in this interactive university. This game is a fully interactive university wherein you can learn together with your student friends. Play mini-games and attend lots of classes like science, painting, art, music, and even roleplay as a teacher. Explore areas in the university and discover lots of school games. Dress-up and enjoy breaktime by eating with your friends in the school cafeteria, it's like you're in a restaurant


  • University Lobby - Unlock secrets and design your own school lobby.
  • Art Classroom - Be the best student at the university by showing everyone your painting skills. If you like painting, this room will be your favorite.
  • Music Classroom - Play with lots of musical instruments with other students.
  • Science Classroom - Explore, discover as you roleplay a scientist.
  • School Hallway—Meet new students and teachers while playing school games.
  • Cafeteria - Enjoy your break time with lots of foods to buy in the school restaurant.
  • Outdoor Park - School games are fun outdoors. Explore mini-games together with your teacher and other students.

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