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My City : Star Horse Stable

Take care of your cute and playful horse.
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Just like a real stable



Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa ,are you ready to raise, ride and dressup your horse in our fun stable? Have you always wanted to have your own horse? Now you can! My City : Star Horse Stable is all about having your own stable to take care of your cute and playful horse. Just like a real stable, our new kids game features horse care, Horse Riding and even horse training. Have a horse race, train your cute horse, ride and groom? It's easy. Everything is possible with our new horse game.


  • Play mini-games, solve puzzles, and find hidden items in fun interactive stable areas Stable yard: your horse can train and prepare for his riding competitions, jumping and more.
  • House backyard: here you can hang out with your family, make some food or play with your mini-games.
  • Competition area: here you can find the most fun mini horse games, like riding or jumping.
  • Stable Barn: here where your horses go to sleep, have their food, equipment and more - it's where the horses go to relax and get ready for the next exciting race or fun activity.
  • Living room and kitchen: here you and your family spend most of your time. chill out there and watch TV, or eat your family meals.

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