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Be a Babysitter for the Day!
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The game

Imagine being a babysitter for a day and shop for baby, play and visit the park all through your own imagination and creativity!



The local neighbourhood babysitter is always busy taking care of other people's kids! Become a babysitter for a day: dress up babies for a trip to the park, play games in your living room, run your own baby daycare and so much more! My City games are all connected so you can even take the train to babysit kids in other locations!  


  • ¬†Roleplay storytelling game for kids with awesome real-life locations.
  • my city baby sitter comes with the baby sitters house, a daycare and a local children store.
  • Lots of new babies and fun characters.
  • Baby store with cool bed lights, strollers and even a trampoline you can bring home!
  • The babysitter has a super special secret room, try to discover it!
  • Use the subway to babysit kids all over the city!
  • Daycare center with awesome toy and games kids love!
  • Night Day option.
  • The game connects to other My City games, move characters, clothing and items between games as if they are one large game!

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