Election Day

My City : Election Day

It's Election Day!
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You choose who will win!



It's Election Day in My City and everyone is excited! Who will win and who shall lose, only you get to decide. Everyone wants to be the new mayor for My City - who will you vote for? Sit in the Mayor's office, visit the city hall and explore all rooms, rollout your Election Day posters and take care of your city. Everything is possible in this new My City game!


  • 8 new locations to discover, sit in the Mayor's Office, visit the Voting Area, help your candidate in the Campaign Room and even pass new rules in the Council Room.
  • Hold election for your favourite character, who will become the new Mayor and who will lose?
  • 20 Characters you can move between our games, More games means more characters to play with!
  • Solve puzzles and discover hidden locations all around the My City : Election Day!

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