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Grab your backpacks and it's off for fun and learning at Preschool!



Grab your backpack, it’s time for My Town : Preschool! Meet your friends and play in the cool playground before school starts. Tend the garden and go inside for dress up.Tell stories, read your favorite books and oh no, you got hurt! NO WORRIES! Visit the nurse who will bandage you up in no time and then its back to playing with your friends. Meet together for lunch and then its quiet time for napping in cool bunk beds. What a fun day at Preschool! An added bonus is the connectivity of all the My Town games. You are able to share characters from one game to the other within the My Town world of apps.


  • 8 fun locations including a learning room, bathroom, nurse’s office, nap room, cafeteria and more!
  • NEW extra special feature! We’ve added EMOTIONS to all the characters, so now you can make each person laugh, cry, smile…they can mimic how YOU are feeling!
  • Brand new characters including preschool teachers, kids and their parents.
  • New clothing designed for each season to dress up your characters.
  • If you can imagine it, you can make it!
  • Everything is possible in a My Town game!

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