My Town : Cinema

It's Movie Night at the Local Cinema!
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The game

Lights! Camera! Action! Popcorn! See how a movie theater works and watch carefully for the special movie being filmed right here in My Town!



It’s My Town Movie Night! Enter the theater and buy a ticket for the movie you’d like to see. You get to choose from 30 different short films! Take photos with your favorite actor or super hero and grab your popcorn before settling down in your seat. What’s even more fun than going to see a movie? Running the theater yourself! Your friends will be hungry before the movie, and you can make them their own popcorn. Don’t forget the soda! You even get to enter the projection room and run the projector all by yourself! Sometimes the projector breaks down and you’ll get to fix it with life-like tools. What’s even MORE fun than running a theater? Directing or acting in your own movie! At the My Town: Cinema, you can even direct or act in the movie of Oz that is being shot at the My Town movie studio. An added bonus is the connectivity of all the My Town games. You are able to share characters from one game to the other within the My Town world of apps.


  • 30 mini My Town movie episodes for you to enjoy.
  • Many new characters with new costumes.
  • So many rooms to discover and explore!
  • 14 characters to choose from, including: contestants, store keepers, stage managers and more!
  • If you can imagine it, you can make it.
  • Everything is possible in My Town: Cinema!

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