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It’s the Purrrrfect Addition to Your My Town Games!
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Learn all about taking care of your pet - walking, feeding, bathing - and visit the vet who helps keep your pet healthy. Take your pet to the park and don't forget the pooper scooper!



Get ready for a purrrfect new addition to the wildly popular My Town Games universe: My Town: Pets. Joining the series of 20 games (and growing), Pets will allow children to have fun adopting animals, caring for them, taking them to the vet – everything they would do with real pets – which will present the opportunity to learn animal interaction and responsibility that can carry over into their real lives. Creativity, empowerment and imagination all in one fun-filled app! My Town: Pets has everything needed to take care of your pet. Play with cats, dogs, birds and hamsters. Imagine adopting your dog, dressing them and discovering all the hidden locations and hot spots. Walk your dog at the park's litter sand area, just don’t forget to clean up the poop. Wash your animals and if they get hurt take them to the vet. Discover all the locations and invent your own story with each game play. An added bonus is the connectivity of all the My Town games. You are able to share characters from one game to the other within the My Town world of apps.


  • Choose from a variety of new pets like: 10 birds, 10 hamster, 7 cats and 7 dogs.
  •  New Characters – If you have My Town: Home, Museum or Haunted House, you can bring your characters from that game over to My Town: Pets to join the fun!
  • If you are just starting out with My Town, no worries! You can create your own characters inside My Town: Pets like a vet, store keeper, nurse and spa worker.
  • If you can imagine it, you can make it.
  • Everything is possible in a My Town game!
      Children 4-12

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