Study hard, have fun later at the dorm

by April R.O

My City College Dorm Friends

College dorm is where the university student fun begins!


Imagine waking up with your friends and going to school with them at the same time? It’s the best feeling ever! And college life can give you this kind of fun experience. 


As you entered My City: University, we created a place nearby where you and your student friends can stay, study, and have a good time. Welcome to My City: College Dorm Friends! Here are the things that will make you feel excited about playing the newest game. 


This My City location is a student dormitory building with many rooms to explore and new characters to play. It’s not just an ordinary dorm; it’s very detailed and luxurious. My City: College Dorm Friends has a reception area, study rooms, living room, and more. Wait till you see the pool area. It will be your favorite spot, for sure! So chill out and have fun with your friends, day and night! Your dorm, your rules! Just don’t forget to study hard for the university exams. 


There are so many activities you can do inside the dorm. Relax while listening to the band playing your favorite music, eat juicy burgers, and play video games, to name a few. What’s more exciting is you can even do stargazing here! So cool, right? It’s the best student life you can ever imagine.


Try to pay attention to every little thing; you can unlock surprising and useful stuff inside the college dorm. Enjoy playing out your own college stories in the coolest dorm in town! 


So what are you waiting for? Complete your fun college experience with My City: College Dorm Friends. Download the game now!  Available in App Store and Play Store

Click the video to watch My City: College Dorm Friends’ latest game trailer.



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