Police station just received new updates and adventures

Remember the good old days when as a kid you would play house, pretend to be doctors or chefs, or partake in a tried-and-true game of cops and robbers?  Things may have changed a bit, what with all the technology, gadgets and video games of today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t revisit the classics – with a twist.  Welcome to My Town, a series of  games that let your children jump into a variety of different worlds that mirror their very own real-life communities and interactions.  One such world is My Town: Police: Station NOW AVAILABLE WITH NEW UPDATES, LOCATIONS AND NEW ADVENTURES!


  • Full sharing is here! Now you can hold the items using the characters and move them between the games!
  • wow!!! now you can travel with your family between different games using the family car. To activate the sharing and the map make sure to update HOME game First with the new version.
  • New Rooms a lot more fun!

The game creates a safe place for kids to play out beings cops or detectives. They can lock up the bad guys or solve mysteries!  Too young to drive? Not here – you can drive around the police car!  Love dogs?  Visit the police K-9 training yard.  Get your mug shot taken, fly around in the police helicopter or just interact with members of the community. There are hundreds of accessories and clothing to interact with and best of all, the characters you create and play with can cross over into the many other My Town worlds to continue the fun in the games’ ever-expanding universe!

After playing, kids may be genuinely interested in the law enforcement profession and be inspired to learn more about what the police do.  This gives parents a truly teachable opportunity to show that the police officers strive to keep their communities and the people in them safe.

Maybe look into having a representative from the local precinct come and give a talk at your child’s school to talk about safety, awareness and making a difference, no matter how small. See if your school has an Explorers’ Program, which teaches students real-life police skills with hands-on training. Or just go up to an officer some time and thank them for all that they do, because what they do isn’t easy.

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