Fun School Day awaits!

by April R.O

Kids playing at the new My Town : World preschool

Build a new and exciting Preschool


Time for an exciting school day filled with fun and creativity with the new My Town : World Preschool!  Design your own school and decorate every room with your favorite school stuff. Make it a cozy & colorful learning place for you and your friends!


Want a classroom with plenty of toys, snacks, and activities? Yes, it’s possible here in the latest Preschool building. A new builder house that lets you create your dream school for kids. Turn it into a kids’ haven using your creative power – decorate it stylish, bright, or fun. Make it anything you imagine to see.



New House


Another update, another house to add to your My Town : World Builder collection! The brand-new Preschool is the latest addition to the map. With 6 spacious rooms, you can make complete school facilities like the classroom, canteen, principal’s office, library, play area, and another spare room for whatever purpose you want it to be like. It could be a dress shop or a sleeping quarters. You decide!



New Decor Pack


Our new Preschool house is loaded with an amazing decor pack! We’ve added awesome furniture and decorations that will make it look and feel like the school you’ve always dreamed of. There are 14 new wallpaper tiles and 271 new designer items to choose from. Fill in each room with the coolest school decor that will delight you and your buddies. Have you thought about what room you’ll design first?


It’s indeed cool to be in school with My Town: World Preschool. Build an amazing kid’s school, play, and have the best time ever! Update your app now to unlock this new designer house. Looking for this game? Get it on App StorePlay Store, and Amazon App Store.


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