Come join the University fun!

by April R.O

Students, girls and boys are in the campus hallway.

Big Campus adventures await you at MCU


Exciting school days are here! My City: University is now added to the My Town: World map. It’s time to trade in those sleepy morning alarms for a whole lot of campus adventures. From first-day jitters to campus legends, we’ll be your trusty guides on your big school journey.


Grab your backpacks ’cause we’ve got the inside scoop for you to have the most fun, discover classroom secrets, and rock the school in style at the coolest University in town!



New University Building


This new location is massive! Explore 8 big rooms including an outdoor park. Join or cheer in a sports game, attend the graduation ceremony, or just have fun – hang out with your friends. You can attend different classes like arts, music, and science. When it’s break time, hit up the lobby to catch up with your peeps and teachers, grab a bite in the cafeteria, and who knows what else awaits! 


Get more characters


University life is even more fun when new friends are around. Unlock 10 new characters to roleplay with. You can form a cheerleading crew or learn inside the classroom with your new classmates. More characters mean you can be who you want to be. Be a teacher, a parent, or a student who loves to make friends inside and outside the campus building. Isn’t that so much fun?


New Clothes & Accessories


University isn’t just about classes; it’s about rocking your unique style! And by this, we’ve got you covered! Get an additional wardrobe boost with 29 new clothes. Show off those chic campus outfits in the school hallway – be a certified university fashionista! 


With the new University game, you can experience college as early as today! Don’t miss the first day of school. Update your My Town: World app now! Available on the App Store, Play Store, and Amazon App Store.


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