Come Hangout in the New Forest Lodge

by April R.O

Forest Hideaway is now added to the map.

Build your own forest hideaway!


Hey, little builders! The Forest Hideaway pack has just dropped, and it’s packed with amazing features that let you create your own forest lodge. This update includes a customizable house with five exciting rooms, including a cozy attic, and a ton of new decor items to make your lodge the perfect hideout spot.


This update highlights a new customizable house you can decorate from top to bottom. Let’s discover what makes this house so special!




Customize your Lodge

You get to decide the interior details of your lodge’s look. Want a woody vibe? Or maybe sleek tiles are more your style? How about adding a charming wooden hammock for that classic cabin vibe? And the walls? You can choose from natural wood finishes, stone, or even colorful paint. Inside, you can select from a variety of flooring and wallpaper options to set the perfect mood. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy, brick cabin or a sleek, or even a modern style the choices are all yours.


New Furniture and Decor

The fun doesn’t stop at customizing your house. The Forest Hideaway pack is loaded with cool decor items to make your lodge feel like home. Think comfy sofa, handcrafted wooden tables, cozy beds, and chairs. Every piece is designed beautifully, adding a touch of woody charm and comfort to your lodge. You may add awesome decor and home accessories like beautiful paintings, potted plants, and charming lamps that light up your rooms with a cozy glow.



5 Exciting Rooms to Design

This isn’t just any lodge —it’s a five-room house waiting for you to decorate. Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

Living Room: The heart of your lodge, where you can relax and entertain guests. From comfy sofa, handcrafted wooden tables, and elegant chairs. Add a fireplace for that extra cozy touch.

Kitchen: Cook up some fun with a variety of kitchen setups. With awesome counter and modern appliances, you can design a kitchen that’s perfect for cooking up delicious treats.

Bedroom: A peaceful retreat for resting after a day of adventure. Decorate with a cozy bed, soft rug, and soothing lighting to create a relaxing space.

Bathroom: Design a spa-like sanctuary with a stylish sink, a toilet, and a shower area. Add some plants and soft towels for a truly relaxing vibe.

Cozy Attic: The attic is your secret hideaway. It can be a reading nook, a game room, or even a mini observatory. Let your imagination run wild!

Lot’s of fun-tastic features, right? Now go jump in and start building your own forest hideaway! Update your My Town: World app now. 


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