You’re the next Beauty Queen!

by April R.O

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the world?


The most beautiful event is here! Be the next My Town Beauty Queen. Dress up in gowns and be glamorous! Wear your sash and go for the crown at the Beauty Contest – the newest location on the My Town: World map. Live your fashionista dream and experience a day in the life of a beauty icon! Ready to explore the glitz and glamour? Here are all the “WHAT’S NEW” about this new game update:





Beauty Contest Building

The stage is set for you! The latest update includes a new place with eight big rooms full of surprises. There’s a place for everything – a spacious lobby where you can meet everyone, a mini salon for your hair and makeup, a dressing room, a photoshoot room, and more! We make sure that you are all prepared before you rise to the stage. Get all your pageantry needs in one place.


More Characters

The Beauty Contest pack will bring a lot of fun and new friends! Meet 17 additional characters – create wonderful roleplay stories with your new dolls. You can have them participate in the contest or build your glam team as you prepare for the most beautiful event in town.


Fashion clothing & accessories

Ever wanted to wear beautiful gowns? How about a sash and a crown? Make it all happen in this new update. Collect new fashion clothes and accessories, and wear your best outfit to impress the judges. Become the My Town beauty icon! Get that queen look with 63 new outfits – mix and match to find your winning style. 


It’s your time to shine! Get the latest version of the My Town: World app on the App StorePlay Store, and Amazon App Store to unlock this new location on the map! 


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