Raise your own pets at Towniz

by April R.O

Feed, groom and play with Towniz.

Towniz lets you discover and adopt unique new virtual pets.


Are you planning to have a pet? Now is the perfect time to get one! With Towniz, you can adopt an adorable pet you’ve ever wanted.  But wait, not just one, you can get more and more pets as you keep playing this pet simulation game.   


Towniz are cute little pets that need your help to grow properly. Start by hatching your surprise eggs to discover your new pets. Feed them, bathe them, and play with them. Once they are fully grown, you’ll be able to merge your pets and create a totally new collectible Towniz friend. 



Just like owning a real-life pet, Towniz need to have names as well. Don’t forget to prepare a list of awesome pet names. You’ll need them for every newly-hatched egg


In this game, the more virtual pets you have, the more fun you will get. Go and collect more pets to unlock more areas of the house. Your towniz is hungry? Bring them to the kitchen. Does your little pet need to poo? Help him get to the bathroom. Does your pet feel like playing? Take him to the game room and play together. 


Well, you might be curious about what kind of pets you can get with Towniz. You will find out once you cracked your surprise eggs. But here’s the catch. It’s not gonna be your ordinary puppy dog or cat. It will be way awesome. We forgot to mention that you can own a pig, an elephant, and a dragon! Yes, you heard it right!


One more thing, It’s important to visit your cute pets every day and collect the poo they leave behind. Collecting poo will keep your pets happy and you will be able to earn coins and rewards from the poo.  


What are you waiting for, merge, hatch, and grow your own virtual pets now with Towniz! Download for FREE in App Store and Play Store.




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