Beauty & Beast

WonderLand : Beauty & Beast

Magical New Adventure Featuring Beloved Beauty and the Beast Characters!
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The game

Crate your own story with these timeless characters. Find the hidden secrets in the palace and discover all-new fun places to explore.



Welcome to a brand-new magical location where kids can create their own “Beauty and the Beast” fairy tale story in the all-new Wonderland: Beauty and the Beast from award-winning My Town Games™. In an enchanting palace, ballroom and stables the beast awaits true love -- will he find it? It is all up to YOU! Fun and adventure awaits, find the hidden room, discover all hideouts and check out all the new characters and clothing. Wonderland: Beauty and the Beast is a game where kids make up the story as they play. Role-play and imagination are all that is needed to create a new adventure! Now available on the App Store and Google Play for $2.99, Wonderland: Beauty and the Beast connects to other Wonderland games making this modern twist on a classic children’s story adventure bigger than ever! If you can imagine it, you can make it. Everything is possible in Wonderland: Beauty and the Beast.  


    • • Featuring new beloved characters Beauty and the Beast and more!
    • • Secrets to uncover!
    • • Band-new locations to explore including the awesome new palace castle and a cool, new dance floor to rock those moves!
    • • Popular “doll-house” visuals kids love!
    • • Multi-touch so kids can play on the same screen!
    • Open-ended play and encourages young ones’ imaginations!

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