Exciting Adventures at the Museum

by April R.O

My Town: World Museum is now out!

The newest My Town: World update is now out! Visit the Museum on the map


Who says history can’t be fun? Nuh-oh, not in our latest update. Our new My Town: World Museum lets you discover the wonders of ancient times. Be sure to prep yourselves for lots of exciting activities that will get your virtual hands dirty – but super fun. It’s like the coolest field trip ever – without the permission slips but with way more rocket ship rides! How awesome is that?


Now let’s go down to the details and see what our virtual dollhouse Museum is all about – we’re willing to bet even Monalisa would crack a smile! 



New Museum Building


Our latest addition to the map is now open! Visit the Museum and learn history and science the fun way. Create your own stories and become an archaeologist, historian, astronaut, and more. Explore lots of rooms and discover ancient artifacts.  


Experience Ancient Egypt


Get ready for some serious exploring! Forget just looking – our virtual dollhouse game lets you live it up without needing a passport. The new My Town: World Museum is packed with 8 awesome rooms with different themes. Each will give you a unique kind of experience.


Ever wanted to wake up a mummy from ancient Egypt? Well, now’s your chance! They’re not as scary as you think, at least here in our new Museum. Give it a try and see for yourself. Be sure to open the right Egyptian casket or else – you’ll see something unexpectedly funny.


Find all the Dino Bones!


Are you an aspiring archaeologist? We’re not stopping there! Roll up your sleeves and dig up dinosaur bones in our excavation zone at our virtual dollhouse Museum. Become the ultimate dino bone-digging pro and impress your friends with your newfound hobby. Because what’s life without new fun experiences, right?


The Medieval Brave Knight


Well, that’s not all! Discover the brave horseman of the medieval era! Oh, this could be you – armor up, grab your sword, and let the fun begin. Whether you’re defending the kingdom or pulling off some epic pratfalls, the knight’s room is your medieval playground.


Outer Space, and more!


And because we’re not ones to be grounded, we’re taking you beyond the stars! Hop aboard our rocket ship, buckle up, and prepare to blast off to space. This room will give you a fantastic view of a mini solar system. Don’t just imagine things, discover them here at the new My Town: World Museum. 


What’s a Museum without beautiful paintings and cool artifacts? Have them all inside the new My Town: World building. And guess what? Those paintings aren’t just there to look pretty – they’re like a mind-bending puzzle waiting for you to crack. Are you up for it? Oh, and by the way, feel free to touch everything inside this virtual dollhouse Museum. There are no rules, just good vibes. If you accidentally break something, no worries! It’ll magically pop back into place in a jiffy.


Be who you imagine to be in our virtual dollhouse Museum


Want to rock the look you’ve been dreaming of for your virtual dollhouse adventure? Not a problem! The new Museum includes 10 new characters and 51 new outfits to mix and match. Whether you’re feeling like an ancient Egyptian or a fierce knight of the Medieval period or maybe just a student learning about history and science, just find any closet inside the museum and you’ll never run out of style! The only limit is your imagination.


What are you waiting for? Get the latest My Town: World update now to unlock the new Museum on the map. Keep up with our latest news, updates, and other My Town game releases. Like and Follow us on our official social media channels: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and TikTok.




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