Discover the Thrills of Ice Me Park

by April R.O

The ultimate destination for Thrill-Seekers


Introducing the latest addition to the My Town : World map – the Ice Me Amusement Park! This exciting theme park brings you a frosty adventure and heart-pumping thrills. Featuring a variety of attractions and activities, Ice Me is a fun new destination for every thrill-seeker. So buckle up and get ready to explore the cool wonderland of Ice Me amusement park! 






Ride, Play, and collect Amusement Park Souvenirs


Chill out with the coolest new rides at Ice Me Amusement Park! Are you brave enough to ride the big roller coaster? How about getting a spin on the Ferris wheel? Well, If you’re looking for a good warm-up you better check out the merry-go-round and the rodeo. Explore this huge theme park to never miss a ride. 


Just like the thrilling rides, games offer equal fun inside the Amusement Park. Challenge yourself by playing the hammer game, ball shooting, whack-a-mole, arcade, and more! Just in case you get thirsty, you can grab a cup of Ice Me coolers to refresh your mood. 


Going to a theme park is not just for the thrills, we’re also here to collect lovely souvenirs! Who doesn’t want fun stuff coming from one of the happiest places on the map? Find the gift shop and collect outfits, cool Ice Me mugs, toys, accessories, and bags!


Well roaming around the amusement park without something to eat is BORING. So in every spot, you can find delicious foodies to fill in your hungry tummies.  Try some popcorn poppin’ at the park’s entrance or you can grab a sandwich from the hotdog stand. Your favorite burgers and fries are available too so you can have a variety of snacks to satisfy your cravings!


Don’t miss out on the exciting theme-park adventure. Update your My Town : World app now to unlock IceMe location on the map! Download the latest version of the game on App StorePlay Store, and Amazon App Store.



Click the video to watch My Town: World’s latest game trailer.



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