Create Your Dream Characters!

by April R.O

Character Creator is now out!

The Newest Character Creator Is Here!


Have you ever wanted to design your own characters, each with their own unique look and personality? Well, now you can! With our new Character Creator feature, you have the power to design the coolest characters you can imagine. From the color of their eyes to the style of their hair, every detail is customizable. Whether you want to make a daring adventurer, a celebrity, or design something out of this world, the power to create is in your hands – with just a few clicks!





Create Cool New Looks You Can Think of!


With the free version of Character Creator, you can craft different characters perfect for your My Town: World adventures. Want to give your character tantalizing eyes? Yep, give it a go! How about a nose that’s as cute as a button? You got it! With the Character Creator feature, you can customize every detail until your character is just the way you imagined – you name it, you can tweak it!


But wait, there’s more! The character customization tools allow you to pick new hairstyles, clothes, and accessories!  Get ready to create characters that are as unique and special as you are! 


Bring Your Characters to Life in Your My Town: World Dollhouse!


After designing your own characters, now what? Don’t let them sit on their slots. Take them on new adventures in different places on the map. With our new Character Creator, the only limit is your imagination!


Creating different characters is so much fun and if you want to build more, you can visit the in-app shop to unlock extra slots. That means you can create up to 30 new characters! Isn’t that amazing? 


And the best part? Customization is unlimited. Keep trying different looks until you build something seriously cool! So what are you waiting for? Update your My Town: World app now to get our new Character Creator. 


Ready to show off your look? Share your post and mention us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and TikTok – use #mytownworld . We can’t wait to see your awesome new creations!



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