Build your My Town dream house!

by April R.O

Build, Design, Move-in with Home Builder


The most awaited feature – Home Builder is finally here. We’ve heard your requests for more freedom to customize your dollhouse on My Town: World. So here we are and very excited to share the details of our latest game update! With BUILDER, you can build your dream house as you like with unlimited possibilities! Whether you’re into modern, festive, or aesthetic, any home interior you can imagine can now be designed in My Town: World!

Our new home builder will let you do everything from building a new house to placing furniture or decorating. It’s like having your own designer house! Time to D.I.Y. – get fresh interior designs in our new houses. Pick your choice of furniture, fixtures, and floor & wall designs that will match your vibe!


How to use the builder, and where exactly you can build a new house? Let’s give you a mini tour of the new map extension.



New My Town World Map extension with Home builder

The Location

Start building your new houses in these locations. We’ve released three (3) designer houses, each one is fully customizable. You can choose what house to build and do it in any order. If you want to refresh your design from scratch with Home Builder, you can delete any of the houses you built and start over.





New Homer Builder House design

The House

Each of the new houses has a different interior design. There are two single-floored houses and a two-story house. You are free to design all you want – put the bed in your living room, add a swing seat near the shower or make a space-themed kitchen. It’s possible!  With the Home builder, your imagination is the limit. 




My Town: World just keeps getting better and better! There’s more to see in our December update. We jive with the holiday season and so our world map! Feel a snowy Christmas when you get the latest version of the game. Don’t forget to find SANTA, he’s waiting for you to deliver exciting gifts! YES, GIFTS! Christmas is not complete without presents. So be sure to open your game regularly this holiday season to collect more free stuff. Play and discover the new Home Builder and unlock more fun and creativity!


What are you waiting for? Try the new Home Builder feature for FREE! Update your My Town: World app now! Available on App Store and Play Store.


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